downtown melbourne mural

downtown melbourne mural

Four “Must See” Murals on Florida's Space Coast

Art is everywhere if you stop and take a look around you. And finding that spark of creativity in your everyday life sometimes takes intentionality, especially in a world where you’re constantly on the go, phone notifications going off to remind you of your next meeting or deadline, is it any wonder how we actually have time to really enjoy life and notice the beauty around us?

Florida’s Space Coast knows how to help you slow down just long enough to be able to take in some of the most beautiful scenery around. One of those ways is to stop by some of the outdoor life-size murals located throughout the downtown areas. Whether it is a quick drive through the streets while en route to your next activity or you make it a leisurely stroll as you are visiting the area, whatever your reason to take a break, let us help you enjoy some beauty, creativity, and art with four of our “MUST SEE” murals here on the Space Coast.

Downtown Titusville: Paddling Our Wildlife Paradise

410 S. Hopkins Avenue, Titusville

The artist, Keith Goodson, was commissioned to take his skill of combining color, texture, and photorealism to tell a story of the area’s history, nature, and culture.  This particular mural illustrates the rich, natural resources that locals and visitors have come to know and enjoy.

There are several murals that have been added to the Titusville area. For more info on the other locations, click here

mural of marine life in Florid

Downtown Melbourne: Sea Turtle

505 E. New Haven Avenue, Melbourne

Downtown Melbourne is working towards having around 15-20 murals ranging in size and style. For now, the area is home to twelve completed murals, one of which is “Sea Turtle.”

The artist, Cody Monahan, is an up and coming artist who is taking his education, skill and love for art to inspire humanity and showcase his belief in love and creativity. The “Sea Turtle” mural is very personal and special to him. Symbolizing his family, the mural pays homage to his mother and his father who he lost at a young age. Cody’s art has been a way to express himself by telling stories of how love and pain are intertwined. His hope is that his art shows the world that heaven is a place on earth.


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Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD):  “Rites of Release

576 W. Eau Gallie Blvd., Melbourne

Dave Thomas is an artist who uses a unique art style called fingerprinting. His work is centered on a blurring of time and realities. He uses his fingerprinting technique as a means to not only represent identity, but as a metaphor for mankind. The pairing of the shapes and colors reflects the way he has come to see reality and he invites you in to that world.


Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD):  “All Things Eau Gallie

587 W. Eau Gallie Blvd., Melbourne

Christopher Maslow, a Melbourne local, is a multidisciplinary artist. This particular mural uses the classic medium of spray paint and captures the essence of the area with the graffiti art culture. He has several murals on display in the area, so be sure to check them all out.

EGAD is dedicated to the revitalization of the historic Olde Eau Gallie area. With goals to become the cultural and creative epicenter on the Space Coast, EGAD launched the Anti-Gravity Project, a 10-day supernova of creativity celebrating color, inspiration and community. There are many other murals you can look at in the district so you may just want to take some extra time admiring all the artwork while you’re there.


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These life-size murals do more than just give you a beautiful picture to take in; it’s creating change by sparking creativity and innovation while bringing back positivity and economic redevelopment to our area by building a sense of community.  Each downtown area has their own story as to how these life-size murals came to be, but it all started with an idea, a dream. So, take a break, peruse the streets, and take in the beautiful pieces of art on display. Be Educated. Be Entertained. Be Inspired. You never know what creative ideas and dreams may come unlocked for you as you do.


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