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72 miles of beaches on Florida's Space Coast

Extend that Summer Feeling on Florida’s Space Coast

Beat the back-to-school blues

The back to school blues comes early for the locals here on Florida’s Space Coast, but for those of you who have a little bit of extra time before getting back into the school routine, what better way to spend it than with a trip to the Space Coast? With more than 72 miles of beach to explore, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and other fun attractions, you can extend that summer feeling well into September and beyond.

The great part about extending that summer feeling is that you can both have fun and learn when you are here. You can easily get your kids ready for school without them even knowing by exposing them to history, art and STEM related activities here on Florida’s Space Coast. And if you are one who home schools, you can enjoy the summer weather well into October, allowing you to plan a beach trip coupled with field trips.

So you may be asking what are the options that bring fun and education together? Well here are some of the top choices on how to merge the two.

Team Building Activities

No matter where you go and what you do, learning how to work alongside and with others is key when it comes to being successful. Not everyone thinks the same, but collectively, a team can move forward towards the desired end product or goal while embracing each other’s differences. A fun and challenging way to do that is by visiting one of the many places here on the Space Coast that is perfect to help build those skills.

Treetop Trek: Located at Brevard Zoo in Viera, here you will find self-guided tours through lush Florida landscapes with breathtaking views. Utilizing up to 14 zip lines, there are courses available for beginner, intermediate and experts. Kids will especially love the Canopy Walk, which runs at an easy pace 20 feet up in the trees through 21 elements and two zip lines.

321 Escape: This interactive escape experience in Melbourne takes you and your group through a series of challenges like puzzles, riddles and clues to escape the the room your in. You only have 60 minutes to figure it out and achieve the goal. With three rooms to choose from, challenge your group and see if you have what it takes. Plus, there are children level challenges available for some of the rooms.

Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures & Zip Lines: Navigate your way through 48 unique challenges set in a canopy of oak trees. With three levels of difficulty, participants can be challenged on the obstacles they feel comfortable with. Located in Cocoa Beach, you can take your adventures here after a morning at the beach.

Explore Space History

For over 60 years, Florida’s Space Coast has been a launching site for the NASA. From launching shuttles and rockets to exploring the visitor complex, not only do you have the option to experience one of the rocket launches, but you can also feel like an astronaut for the day with one of the many on-site experiences at Kennedy Space Center. Locals and visitors alike never seem to grow tired of learning and re-learning space history.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor ComplexDive into the past, present and future of space travel. Divided into Mission Zones, where attractions and tours are grouped by chronological era, you can get an up-close, hands-on feel for the story of humans in space.

Astronaut Training Experience (ATX): This all-new experience allows you to experience astronaut training like performing a space walk, or participating in a launch of NASA’s Space Launch System rocket. Mars Base 1 transports you to Mars to live and work on the red planet for a day. It’s a full day’s experience unlike any other on the planet.

Meet and Fly with an Astronaut: When visiting Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, you have an opportunity to meet veteran NASA astronauts during Astronaut Encounter. Have a question? This is your chance to ask!

Step Back in Time

Where can you go where the beach meets the prehistoric age? Visiting the Dinosaur Store and the Museum of Dinosaurs and Ancient Cultures gives you just that. Explore ancient fossils and King Tut’s tomb along with braving the rapids of the Nile River when you stop in for a day of fun. Or how about learning all about the Space Coast’s surf history? Stop by Florida Surf Museum in Cocoa Beach and get an inside look at Florida’s surf history to see the people who made the waves of the Space Coast famous long before the Hobgood Brothers.

On the Water Experiences

Learning about the waters on the Space Coast and how to both enjoy it and be safe at the same time is a great way to couple fun with learning. Whether you want to be the next Kelly Slater or just enjoy a fun day on the water, there are many ways to enjoy the waters here.

Surf Lessons: Wake up early and head to the beach to surf the same waves as the legends.

River Tours: Take a ride on the wild side with a guided eco-tour. Navigate the Thousand Islands Nature Preserve and explore wildlife at their finest.

Bioluminescence: This little-known phenomenon is one you can experience here that will light up your life! Bioluminescence is when an organism creates light through a chemical reaction. Every stroke of a paddle, every splash made and every move made creates this mesmerizing illumination. You can only see it at night in certain bodies of water, so it’s best to book a tour for the full experience.  

Before you and your kids hit the books, enjoy just a bit more of summer with one more trip to the Space Coast. Check out the Vacation Planner for all things Space Coast to help you discover new places to stay and things to do. Or click on the links below for an even more on the Space Coast.

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