Back to the Future, Space Coast

Back to the Future, Space Coast

Back to the Future Day, 10 Reasons to go Back to Space Coast

Today, October 21, 2015 is the day Marty McFly visited us all the way from 1985.  

Is it what you expected?  They pretty much nailed it all, except hover boards don't actually hover and we video chat on smart phones, instead of TVs. Thankfully, I don't see anyone sporting Biff's metal hat, either! 

But, did you know - Space Coast is the only destination with a REAL front seat to the future?

The space race is back on, with the Amazon announcement right here in Space Coast and NASA finding water on Mars.  While those two things are enough to get any space tourism geek excited, did you know there are even more reasons to consider going back to the Space Coast?

  1. Rocket Launches that rumble in your belly and a view to die for.  That only happens here, and the view is unforgettable!

  2. 72 miles of coast line, there's a custom experience for every type of sand lover.

  3. It really is the best to offer for east coast surfers, from novice to pro - home of famed Kelly Slater!

  4. Disney World is just a hop away, but who wants to bed with a mouse?  Waterfront views and relaxation await you at so many of our great properties

  5. Kids, young and young at heart can channel their inner "space traveler" with a trip to Kennedy Space Center.

  6. Foodies Fall in Love with our famed restaurants!

  7. Meet the star of "I Dream of Jeanie"'s Barbara Eden this year.

  8. Birding lover?  Going for a "big year"? We have you covered, with many rare and endangered species right here!

  9. When selecting the new dream home destination, HGTV chose Space Coast as the spot to build.  You get to visit, where others dream to live!

  10. And maybe, we don't have the hoverboard down yet, but with a water jetpack, you'll still feel like you're in the future, and get a deal from Groupon here.

We really could go on and on about Space Coast and how it's the best vacation for your future, now and when Back to the Future VVIII premiers.  But, don't take our word for it, come see us for a vacation you'll tell your grandkids about!