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8 Amazing things to do on Florida’s Space Coast this Winter

8 Amazing things to do on Florida’s Space Coast this Winter

The Best Things to Do this Winter on Florida’s Space Coast

Forecast? Sunny with a chance of more sun! Typical Florida weather in the winter can see an average of 72°F/22°C. And even in the rare occasion there’s a bit of frigid air, you can still expect a pleasant experience whether inside or out. To help encourage you to spend some time here on the Space Coast, here are a few outdoor adventures you can enjoy:


Did you know that the Space Coast is home to some of the best championship courses in Florida? Now you do and why not take a swing at it and see how you fare. Experience natural wildlife and the beautiful surroundings as you play the course or courses of your choosing. Vacation packages are also available. #Winning

Beach Time

Whether you love to sit under the umbrella or fully soak up the sun, or if surfing Cocoa Beach’s infamous waves suits you better, any part of the Space Coast’s 72 miles of coastline will show you why this coast is world famous. Even on the days that are a bit chilly or windy, throw on a jacket, take a stroll, and dig your toes in the sand as you breathe in the salty sea air.


Hook your own “catch of the day” by spending time on the water scouring out the perfect fish for dinner. The Space Coast has great fishing year-round and you can expect to catch redfish, sea trout, possibly black drum, Spanish mackerel, jacks, and bluefish during this time of the year. And for those of you who prefer something other than fish, you can also have a go at catching shrimp or crabs. Either way, you can celebrate over a nice freshly caught meal.


We aren’t known for the Space Coast for just any reason. Home to Kennedy Space Center and NASA, plan your trip around one of the upcoming rocket launches. With several locations to watch, locals know that these launches never get old and it’s best to arrive to your chosen location early. Each launch is like watching one for the first time. So awe-inspiring and you get to have a close-up view. Plus, hearing stories from those around you that have made annual trips to come watch these launches, you’ll understand why we consider one of the best things to do on our coast.

These are just a few ideas on how you can take advantage of our beautiful Space Coast during these colder months. And if these don’t peak your interest, check out some of our other popular things-to-do this winter.

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