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6 Places to Eat Gluten-Free on Florida’s Space Coast

No gluten, no problem

It’s time for vacation, but does that stir up a bit of concern because you or someone in your family or group have special dietary needs that can sometimes be a challenge when finding places to eat out? 


Here on the Space Coast, the idea of making this a place where anyone from any background, with any need, can enjoy their time here, and make memories that last a lifetime, is not just an idea; the Space Coast has made it just that in many ways. One of those ways is providing restaurants where those who need to eat gluten-free can enjoy not just a plain run of the mill dish, but meals that are full of flavor. Please keep in mind that some of these kitchens do serve items that may contain gluten, so if you have Celiac, you may want to speak to the chef to avoid cross contamination. Here are some of the restaurants that will ensure that everyone eats well with no regrets.

Pub Americana

Offering gluten-free pizza, buns, and pasta, this place gives you the freedom to enjoy quintessential American food in a setting full of history. Whether before or after your meal, stroll through the historic streets of Cocoa Village, listen to the lively sounds of music, and peruse the boutique shops to top off your day outside.

A NY Pizza House

Located in Cocoa Beach and home to some of the largest slices of pizza on the Space Coast, A NY Pizza House offers gluten-free pizza and pasta. Just ask for a gluten-free menu and get ready to chow down on some of the best Italian food on the Space Coast.

The Bald Strawberry

If you are looking for a place that is entirely gluten-free then The Bald Strawberry is your spot for all things tasty without the gluten. Located in Indialantic, the creative menu will not disappoint. From waffle sandwiches to waffle pizzas and flatbreads, sandwiches, and salads, and even desserts, you won’t even realize you are eating gluten-free which means everyone can enjoy something here. And The Bald Strawberry also offers dairy-free and egg-free options as well.

Southern Charm Café

For a real southern meal, Southern Charm Café gives you all that you would expect and then lets the food speak Southern for itself. Located in Cape Canaveral, but more specifically at the Port, the menu does not specifically point out what is gluten-free, but it is full of options and letting the wait staff know before ordering will ensure that the chef and the rest of the staff provides the best choices for you.   

Third Culture Kitchen

When craving something outside of bread and pasta, finding a spot to eat that still offers gluten-free options can often be tricky, especially with some spices and condiments that carry gluten. Third Culture Kitchen is a restaurant located in Titusville that offers a unique fusion of foods that is both Asian and Mexican based, so you will easily be able to pick off the menu that will be sans gluten. And though this restaurant is not 100% gluten-free, the menu icons help you easily locate the foods that are.

Long Doggers

With locations throughout the Space Coast, Long Doggers serves up a long-list of gluten-free options that will leave your taste buds longing for more. From cracked peppercorn seared tuna and rice bowls to tacos served on corn tortillas and salads galore, the gluten-free menu delivers on taste and options that will make everyone happy.

These are a just a few gluten-free restaurants on the Space Coast. There are many more along the Space Coast, but part of the fun in discovering new places is telling others about what you find. So if you happen to come across another restaurant that isn’t your typical food chain, tell us all about!

And if you can now cross off places to eat as part of planning your Space Coast getaway, but need help finishing the rest of the trip out, check out the Vacation Planner for all things Space Coast to help you discover places to stay and other things to do. Or click on the links below for more on what this area has to offer.

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