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5 Must-Follow Space Coast Instagram Accounts

The beauty of the Space Coast is at your fingertips

We all know that staying present in your everyday life is important if you want to stay connected with those around you, but in a world of busy schedules, sometimes it’s nice to “get away” without having to actually go anywhere. And if your next vacation to the Space Coast is further than what you would like, here is what we recommend you do to get you ready for your visit.

Instagram has made it possible for anyone, anywhere, to be a photojournalist, in their own way, and to easily share it with the world. So literally the world and all of its glorious splendor is at your fingertips. We don’t suggest getting sucked in to a false reality and spending ridiculous amounts of time on this platform, ignoring your responsibilities, but we do recommend admiring snapshots so you can plan to make their photos become your reality! Here are a few must-follow Instagram accounts that will give you a daily dose of life here on the Space Coast.

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If you want to get a glimpse of the seaside life in Melbourne and the surrounding beaches, she’s the one to follow. With cool, dramatically faded photos, she’ll having you feeling like your enjoying a leisurely stroll down the beach or one of the Space Coast’s downtown areas with all the aesthetics that make the area so beautiful.



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Sunrise or Sunset? What’s your fancy? If you want the best of both, then A Little Peace of the Beach is follow-worthy. With perfectly timed photos reflecting what we on the Space Coast love, you’ll find yourself taking a deep breath in and out, experiencing a calm that she so wonderfully manages to capture with her keen eye for the exquisiteness of the natural coastal landscapes.



Calling all surfers and those who secretly wish they were. You are going to want to follow Alec and his surfing adventures. Not only do you get great still action shots, you can also watch videos capturing what surfing is like on the Space Coast. He recently made a video of a surprise 5-day swell that he says had everyone grinning.



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Follow along as this college student continues his love for Space Coast photography. He found that by participating in a 365-day photo challenge in 2017 opened up his “eyes” to new horizons and greater opportunities. You’ll experience his journey along the way as he creatively recounts the story behind each photo.



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Be launched into the cosmos with Michael Seeley’s photos of all things space-related with the occasional scenic snapshot of the Space Coast landscape. With great angles and golden hues that accompany most launches, you feel the thrill of excitement those who see these in person experience just with a glance at one of the captured photos.



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These are just a few of the many accounts you can follow to help you continue dreaming about your next visit here on the Space Coast.

Become your own photojournalist and give others the opportunity to “get away” with your snapshot. Make sure you follow and tag us on all your adventures along our coast using #SpaceCoast 

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