4 Tips for Traveling More in the New Year

Traveling in the New Year has never been easier

2018 is here today and gone tomorrow, so thinking about what the New Year is going to bring is something that is either in the forefront of your mind or at least the back burner of your thoughts. And with all these New Year’s resolutions being tossed around, one of the most talked about topics is traveling and having more quality time with friends and family.

While there are many great destinations to visit, we can’t help but think that Florida’s Space Coast is a top vacation spot. Why? There’s something for everyone and every New Year resolution here. There really is no excuse as to why you can’t start planning now to travel for your next vacation.

Here are four tips to help you travel more in 2019:

Planning is key

National "Plan for Vacation" Day is coming up in January and the key is to make plans ahead of time to ensure you use all your vacation days. Many days go to waste due to lack of planning. Most people build up so much vacation time that they either hit their company’s quota and are then forced to either use it or lose them. This year, let’s avoid that! Planning is not only important, but it can also be a fun time of dreaming with you and your people.


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Start a travel fund

You’ve started to plan out your travels in the New Year, and now it’s time to start stashing some cash for your future adventures. Starting a travel fund doesn’t have to be hard. There are great resources to help you get one set up, but the secret to building this account is to make it as much “out of sight, out of mind” as possible.

Next thing you know, you’ll have a nice little money pot for your vacation without breaking the bank or racking up credit card debt. (Yes, this is a practical tip on how to ensure you fully enjoy your vacation without any debt regret!)


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Plan one big trip in advance

Now that you are dreaming about what kind of vacation you’re going to take in the New Year, may we recommend at trip to Florida’s Space Coast? One of the highlights of this area is that it’s home to one of the world’s top cruise ports to sail out of. With over fifty (50) cruises per month to choose from, there is something for you to choose from that fits your timeline and plan. If cruising doesn’t suit your fancy, here’s a few more ideas for you:

And to make this a proper big trip, you will want to ensure to add in excursions and top dining experiences that allow you to discover the Space Coast and all it has to offer.


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Take short weekend trips

After planning out how you want to travel more this year, you’ve concluded that to maximize your time, you want to take several short weekend trips with different themes each time. For example, one weekend, you may choose to focus on all things water related, where you could create a getaway with surf lessons, a bioluminescence kayak tour, followed by hooking the biggest catch of the day.

Maybe the next trip would be more of a historic tour with visits to Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Village, and Downtown Melbourne and Titusville. Or for all of you beer connoisseurs, get your buddies together and do a Space Coast brewery tour. Your weekend trip theme options are endless!


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These are just a few tips on how you can make traveling more in the New Year a reality, and it’s not only possible, but also easy. For more information on what all the Space Coast has to offer and to map our your travel plans, check out the links below.

Snooze & Cruise

Places to Stay

Eat Some Food

Things to Do

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