Couple splashes in the waves on the beach

Couple splashes in the waves on the beach

4 Reasons to Visit Florida’s Space Coast this Fall

Don’t fall behind booking a trip to the Space Coast

Did you hear about the tree that had to take time off work in Autumn? It was on paid leaf.

Ok, that was definitely corny, but it made you smile, didn’t it? Or are you rolling your eyes right now as to how bad that joke really was? There is good reason for it though. Summer is nearly over, which means cooler weather and pumpkin-spiced everything is about to make its annual appearance, not to mention festivals and special events popping up almost every weekend. Yet there is just something about the fall that makes it seem as if things are winding down.

It’s like you can feel relaxation filling the air. Maybe that’s because here on the Space Coast, we are getting the much-needed reprieve from the summer heat and hustle and bustle of family vacations. Or it could be because routines are starting to settle in, especially with the school year upon us. Whatever the reason is, here are the top four reasons to visit the Space Coast this fall.

1) Beautiful weather year-round

The reason why people from all over the world flock to Florida’s Space Coast is because they’re guaranteed to have a great time and be met with cooler weather that still has the warmth from summer to make the outdoors enjoyable. Imagine walking along the shoreline or laying on the beach, but instead of melting because of the heat, you get that perfect sun-kissed glow coupled with the light cool breeze. that is what we call perfection!


2) The crowds are gone

We absolutely love our visitors when they come for the summer, but it’s also a time of the year that is most popular to visit, so that means crowds. And there are those who prefer smaller crowds, can I get an “Amen” all you introverts? With smaller crowds, you can pack in more to do whether you get away for a week, a weekend, or just an overnight trip. And you get to feel more like a local and interact with those who get to call this place home. Now that is plenty good reason why to visit this fall.



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3) Special events galore

Another reason why you can pack in more in a short amount of time is because the fall hosts more festivals and events within an 8-week period of time than any other season. From food, wine, and beer festivals to art shows and live music outdoors and holiday-themed events, it’s easy to keep the adults “well hydrated” while creatively entertaining kids. And if that is of no interest to you, but the inner athlete is screaming for great outdoor weather to exercise in, then the 5K, half, and full marathons located throughout the Space Coast will peak your interest. You can even get the kiddos in on the fun.



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4) Perfect time for a pre-holiday getaway

We think it is perfectly acceptable and actually extremely beneficial to maintain a healthy balance of work and rest. That’s called soul care and the Space Coast does that well. With our laid-back style and casual approach to life, what better way to rest than here with us? Fall is a season where time slows down. That is why we “fall back” during this season? So before the hustle and bustle of the holiday festivities are upon you, come visit us for a little R & R.



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