Family Vacation on the Space Coast

Family Vacation on the Space Coast

10 Signs You Need a Vacation in Cocoa Beach

As we approach the end of the summer with back-to-school just around the corner (say what?!), we know you’re ready for a vacation. Maybe you haven’t made it to the beach this summer…yet! Or maybe you’re finding yourself living vicariously through your traveling Facebook friends. Either way, there’s nothing a day (or week!) in Cocoa Beach can’t fix! If you’re showing any of these tell-tale signs that you need to get away from the grind, don’t burn yourself out. Pack your bags and head to Florida’s Space Coast now!

1) You’ve gotten better than your 13-year-old at Pokémon Go and your competitiveness is starting to scare you.

            Jack Black gif- 10 signs you need vacation to SC

2) Your college freshman has been to more exotic locales this year than you have.
3) You can't tell the dirty pile from the clean pile of clothes in the laundry room.
4) Your weekly yoga class has stopped relieving stress and has just become an opportunity to take a nap.

            Baby faceplant- 10 signs you need vacation to SC

5) You’re afraid the smell of the kids’ sports gear has become ingrained in your nose and is now following you everywhere.
6) Drinking a bottle of wine by yourself after dinner while you continue to check e-mails isn't good. Drinking a bottle (or two) in Cocoa Beach with a sea breeze...perfection.

            Giant wine glass- 10 signs you need vacation to SC

7) You’ve stopped fake smiling when Nancy in accounting starts talking about her summer beach house for the tenth time.

            Game of Thrones eye roll- 10 signs you need vacation to SC

8) When you’re trying to level up on Pokémon Go and you know there’s a Charmander somewhere with a Pina Colada waiting for you…somewhere like Coconuts on the Beach. Did we mention there’s live music too?
9) You’ve tried your new bathing suit on six times but haven’t left the house in it yet.

            Silicon Valley HBO bathing suit- 10 signs you need vacation to SC

10) Your neighborhood pool just isn’t cutting it anymore. Only Cocoa Beach will make you happy. 

            This is 40 gif- 10 signs you need vacation to SC

Before the kids go back to school, end your summer in Cocoa Beach! Plan your trip now!