Mixing business with pleasure here on the Space Coast is doable

Why You Should Mix Business with Pleasure in Melbourne, Florida

A new way to enjoy your next business trip

t’s been said and duly noted that it’s best not to mix business with pleasure and there is a gamut of reasons why that is true. But here on Florida’s Space Coast, there are reasons why you should mix the two. Now don’t tune out just yet until you read further to see why you should consider this.

The reasoning behind not wanting to mix business with pleasure has been a long and acceptable standard of how you conduct yourself, especially when on travel for work, but typically it’s a “rule” in order to protect the company, not actually for the benefit of the employee. Are there certain codes of conduct that keep moral standards at a high level? Yes, but if you actually look at the pure definition of pleasure without specific orientation, you will find that pleasure is simply enjoyment, happiness, or satisfaction. And with a description like that, here is why mixing business with pleasure here on the Space Coast is doable and highly encouraged.

It saves you time and money

Who doesn’t want to save time and money while also having fun? Your employer is already paying for your travel, whether rental car or flight, as well as your hotel accommodations. And you didn’t have to use a PTO day to get here, so since you’re already here, you might as well extend your trip and enjoy all the things the Space Coast has to offer. Live entertainment and nature trails to rocket launches and cruise ship sightings, these are just a few things you can enjoy that doesn’t cost you anything extra.

It helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance

Maybe you can’t extend your trip, but you can maximize your time here by adding things to your day that brings you joy. Whether it’s watching cruise ships leave Port Canaveral with coworkers or bringing your friends and family along with you to create new memories after-hours, there are plenty of ways of enhancing your trip beyond the hotel bar. Check out all the things-to-do by ordering a Space Coast Vacation Planner here.

You will return to the office rejuvenated

Sometimes you get home after a work trip feeling completely drained, and it seems like there’s more work to be done at home. Forgo the red-eye flight and take advantage of your time and explore the area. You’ll see why Florida’s Space Coast is a must-do destination.

Here are a few reasons that make this area and, more specifically, Melbourne & the Beaches a place you won’t want to miss out on.

Wake up to the salty sea air

Melbourne & the Beaches has places to stay where you could easily step foot on to the beach pretty much as soon as you open the door, making it incredibly easy to get in an early morning surf session or jog along the shoreline. Wake up refreshed with a beautiful view, a great cup of coffee, and the salty sea air. What a great way to start off your day before heading into your day full of meetings.

Out of this world experiences

Heading over to the Kennedy Space Center for the day may just be what is in order for you and your team after a week full of meetings, strategic brainstorming sessions, or to show off why you and your business are moving to the Space Coast. With a rich space history this area is known for, blow the minds of your coworkers and/or clients and get your own fresh dose of mesmerizing and interactive experiences at this world-class attraction.

Happy hour is the best hour

Whether you are a beer or wine connoisseur who likes to sip on some of the best in the area before dinner, prefer to shop ‘til you drop, or are looking for a post-meeting spot for happy hour that’s different than the norm, Downtown Melbourne is your one-stop place for all that and more.

Maybe you need to stretch your legs from sitting all day and walking sounds really good. Downtown Melbourne is one of a few areas on the Space Coast that offers Wall Murals, where art is literally larger than life. Or how about picking up a drink of choice from one of the local grocery stores and heading over to Painting with a Twist where you are Picasso for the evening and allow your creativity to flow. No matter your preference in how you like to do your happy hour, Downtown Melbourne has it all for you.

As you can see, mixing business with pleasure isn’t as taboo as it may seem, especially if you spend it here on the Space Coast. Got a business trip coming up and not too sure where to start in places to stay, things to do, and so on? Go ahead on peruse the online Vacation Planner to discover all things Space Coast or click on the links below to start planning your trip.

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