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Your Guide to Car Shows on the Space Coast

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Car shows and restoration on the Space Coast

I like cars. I’m not a certified gear head — my local repair shop changes my oil — but it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate large, shiny mechanical and electrical machines that go fast and look great. I do.

I’ve owned many cars over the years. There’s that wonderful but dilapidated Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser that my grown kids still talk about. Or that wickedly, free-revving ‘76 BMW 321i, a stodgy reliable ‘83 Mercedes Benz turbo diesel and unreliable 1976 Mercedes 450SL. I also had a powder blue, unairconditioned VW Type-3, which the engine fell out in Miami some 40 years ago. Not to mention, a ’63 convertible Buick Skylark rust-bucket; a beautiful ’68 Camaro that I totaled in ’72, and now I drive a trouble-free ’13 Lexus SUV with 65,000 miles. I left out many more cars, but you get the point.

Couch mechanics like me watch Wheeler Dealer, Chasing Classic Cars, Jay Leno’s Garage, the new version of Top Gear, and MotorWeek. I am a regular and equal opportunity viewer of car stuff, which includes YouTube videos about restoring old cars and adding audio accessories to my current ride.

I have a friend with a ‘63 TR4 that runs fine but needs a complete frame-up restoration. It seems that a complete restoration would run thousands more than he’s likely to receive at auction or private sale. So it sits — thankfully garaged — with cracked leather seats, twin Stromberg carbs, wooden dash, and rusted body.

So yea, I guess you could say I follow schedules for car shows on Florida’s Space Coast…especially ones that include coffee. I love strolling along and discovering their lines and looking at the mechanicals of older cars. Talking to people that spend hours and hours making cars loud and beautiful again is…well a gas!


Car Shows on the Space Coast

You may have discovered in your Internet searches the American Muscle Car Museum in Melbourne. This 123,000 square foot museum is home to more than 300 cars; however, you probably also noticed that this is not open to the public. And for good reason. The man behind-the-scenes opens his facility to non-profit fundraisers, educational school tours and some car-related events. He’s in the business of events, not necessarily a daily turnstile operation.  

With that being said, Parker Brother Concepts located at The Cove in Port Canaveral is one that welcomes all visitors. Shanon and Marc Parker design and build some of the most outrageous vehicles on the planet. You may have seen some of them in the movies like Optimus Prime. Plus, Kennedy Space Center’s Mars Rover was built by these brothers on-site. It’s pretty cool, so you’ll have to put that on your list if you’re into cars.

But if you’re looking for places where you can see some car shows while you’re visiting Florida’s Space Coast, check out these places:

  • Space Coast Harley-Davidson – Go visit them down in Palm Bay. They are the site to numerous car shows throughout the year including the annual Summer Heat Car & Truck Show, usually taking place in the summer months, so don’t forget your sunscreen and hat.
  • Central Florida Car Show – Taking place in Cocoa Village, just about every spring, this is the finest line up of classic cars. Check out the times and event information here.
  • Hot Rockin’ Nights – The oldest city in Brevard County, Rockledge, is home to Hot Rockin’ Nights. This car show takes place on the third Saturday every October, and usually has over 200 cars on display.

If you’re thinking of customizing your own vehicle there are shops on Florida’s Space Coast ready to assist. They’ll modify your ride with gull-wing doors, lift kits, new rims, bed rails, step bars, neon lights, seat covers, tints, performance upgrades and wild paint. Bring your car or truck to the Space Coast for customization and be the center of attention when you return home if you so desire!

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