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Explore hidden gems for photo ops on Florida's Space Coast

5 Unexpected Photo Ops on Florida’s Space Coast

Surprise your eyes with these photo ops

It’s likely one of the many items on your packing list is a camera. Whether you use your phone, film or even a Polaroid, it’s important to have something to capture the places and things you’ve experienced.

The Space Coast has plenty of areas for photo ops, but here are five unexpected spots for you to check out and capture that perfect shot, whether you are a local or a guest.

EGAD Murals

With over 19 wall murals to peruse, the Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD) gives you ample opportunities to take photos of larger-than-life masterpieces. Get creative with not only your photo angles but also in your interaction with each piece. Take, for instance, Shark Toof. Can you channel your inner performer and give your most frightened look as the looming shark comes for you? Or how about channeling a bit of inspiration with Nancy Dillan’s mosaic “The Wave?” Whichever piece stands out to you most, capture it, keep it, and post it on social media using the tag #EGADLife so others can see what you experienced.

Kelly Slater Statue

If you want to capture a piece of Cocoa Beach that has made this beach town famous, then you’ll want to head over to the entrance of Downtown Cocoa Beach and get a photo with the Kelly Slater statue. Kelly Slater is a world-famous pro surfer who called Cocoa Beach home and literally made waves on the beaches of the Space Coast. Once you are done getting your shot, browse the downtown area and discover even more wall murals like The Turtle near Coconuts on the Beach, The Wave at Twin Finnegans, or take a tour of all the Downtown Cocoa Beach murals for even more great shots.

Cocoa Village

If you’re looking for an area that gives you cool textures, beautiful backdrops, benches painted by local artists, and a place that gives you the ability to create abstract, artsy, one-of-a-kind shots, you’ll want to head over to Cocoa Village. This historic area brings you a mix of eclectic scenery coupled with tree-lined streets and different viewpoints for getting the perfect waterfront photo. Take fun stills in front of the historic Cocoa Village Playhouse or the Porcher House to ensure you capture the quintessential beauty that Cocoa Village boasts.

Melbourne’s Beaches

Although there are many places to take photos at the beach here on the Space Coast, there are a few places that stand out, but you’ll need to head south to the Melbourne Beach area. For a beautiful backdrop offering plenty of photo ops for action shots, you’ll want to head to Howard E. Futch Memorial Park at Paradise Beach. Or if you want to capture a bit of history along with some texture and uniqueness the beach access ramp provides, you’ll want to head to Juan Ponce de Leon Landing. And for a real treat to your artistic and creative eye, head further south to Sebastian Inlet where the bridge overpass gives you the perfect location for photos featuring Caribbean-esque blue water along with some great action and abstract shots.

Kennedy Space Center

Now this location may not be unexpected, but the kind of photo ops you’ll get if you go sure are. Kennedy Space Center is home to out-of-this-world views from the Saturn V Rocket and the rest of the rocket garden, to the mural featuring the Mercury 7 astronauts at the Heroes and Legends exhibit, to getting an up-close look of retired Shuttle Atlantis and photos with astronauts who have so many stories to tell of their own personal space adventures. The sky is not the limit, even outer space isn’t the limits, when you head to Kennedy Space Center for some of the greatest photos you will ever take.

So go ahead and venture outdoors and surprise your eyes with some of these hidden and not-so-hidden gems on the Space Coast. Wanting to make this a mini photography getaway? Check out the Space Coast Vacation Planner to find places to stay, things to do, places to eat and so much more or click the links below.

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Let’s see some of your perfect shots from the photo ops you got here on the Space Coast, so make sure you post pictures and videos and tag us using #SpaceCoast.

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