Set a goal to travel more in the New Year

4 Reasons to Travel More in 2020

New Decade. New Goals. New Reasons to Travel More.

The New Year is a time to kick off new routines, new habits, and experience new things. Although traveling is not a new idea or thing to do, traveling more than the usual getaway may be the right goal to have as you head into 2020. And if you’re short on ideas as to how you can travel more and what to do, keep reading to get some ideas and make sure you have a calendar nearby so you start planning right away.

Travel More to Expand Your Horizons

Take your travel beyond the earth’s horizon with a trip to the space hub of the world: Kennedy Space Center (KSC). 2020 is the year to up your knowledge in all things space. With the plan to start manned flights again in the first part of the year, organizing a trip to the Space Coast soon could have you experiencing history-making events.

Not sure the exact time you’ll be able to get away but know that once you lock in the date, you want to have the opportunity to experience a day in the life of an astronaut? Then make sure you add the Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) to your time at KSC. ATX will give you an up-close look at what it’s like to go on a mission to Mars and explore the planet without even leaving earth. You’ll train for weightlessness as you conduct your own spacewalk in the microgravity simulator and see the challenges astronauts face every day when they are in outer space.

Travel More to Reconnect with Nature

Another reason to travel more is to ground yourself through nature. Get that old Florida feel with trail walking through the Barrier Island Sanctuary or visit the beautiful botanical gardens at FIT when you spend time in the Melbourne area.  Charm your way through your day when you enjoy the Enchanted Forest or get a feel for the backcountry by taking a tour of the swamps and marshes of the St. Johns River on an airboat if you make your way to Titusville.

You can also experience nature by accessing the lagoons, rivers, and other waterways with a kayak, boat, or paddleboard tour. See the wildlife that makes this area home all while having your own adventure out on the water. There are so many ways to reconnect with nature when you visit the Space Coast. See more ideas for things to do outdoors.

Travel More to De-Stress

There is something so relaxing as you walk the beach, sand between your toes, and waves crashing along the shore as it cleanses your feet while you stroll along the shoreline. Or better yet, relax under an umbrella with a good book and a light breeze of the salty sea air. How about an all-day pampering session at one of the many spas located on the Space Coast like Cocoa Beach Spa or LaBella Spa?

Or maybe distressing looks a lot like an all-inclusive, “everything is taken care of for me” kind of deal, then consider a short cruise to the Caribbean on one of five cruise ships sailing from Port Canaveral. You literally just have to show up on time and board the ship then plan to be served for the next few days. That’s a sure-fire way to stress less and have some fun. Plus, if you plan to arrive at least a day before you set sail, you’ll not only get the Space Coast beaches to enjoy, you’ll also ensure a good night’s sleep at one of the many hotels that offer “Snooze ‘N Cruise” packages so you get free transportation to your ship.

Travel More to Try New Things

If your only reason to travel more is to try new things, then that’s a great reason to visit the Space Coast. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a foodie or art connoisseur, a beach enthusiast or a space fanatic, there is so much to discover and explore that even if you’ve been here before, it can feel like a new thing.

  • For the adventure seeker, you’ll want to check out Tank America for a military-style experience where you step inside a tank and crush everything that’s in your path or test your shooting skills with a high-intensity tactical laser tag experience for a thrill of a lifetime.
  • For the foodie, you’ll want to head over to Downtown Melbourne and reserve a spot at The Gathering Table – an interactive cooking experience where you get to see if you’re the top chef. And if cooking your own food is not your cup of tea, you’ll want to try Le Crepe de France for a unique French culinary breakfast-brunch or lunch and Matt’s Casbah for dining with an eclectic, international menu suitable for those of you with a broad palate.
  • For the art connoisseur, you’ll want to head down to the Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD) where the walls “talk.” Larger than life wall murals by local and international artists line the streets as you enjoy the old town feel and if you want to take in even more art, there are several art and photography galleries, as well as the Foosaner Art Museum, located throughout EGAD.
  • For the beach enthusiast, get a birds-eye view of the coast in a way you may never have before with an aerial flight via helicopter with Florida Air Tours or take a flight tethered to a boat with Cocoa Beach Parasail.
  • For the space fanatic, if you’ve already had your fill of fun at Kennedy Space Center, but still want more, then you’ll want to check out the American Space Museum and Space Walk of Fame where you can see more space artifacts, monuments, and exhibits that take you down space history lane. It’s a great way to grow your space knowledge and touch pieces of history.

Setting New Years’ resolutions and goals doesn’t have to be hard. And if you add traveling more to your list, then you’re already working towards checking that off if you’re still reading. Whether you have a whole week or only a long weekend, getting away to the Space Coast is easy, especially if you consider one or more of the ideas mentioned above and you use the Space Coast Vacation Planner to help you plan. Check out places to stay, things to do, places to eat and so much more by perusing the planner or clicking the links below.

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Let’s see which reason you chose to travel more in 2020, so make sure you post pictures and videos and tag us using #SpaceCoast.

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