Wild Ocean Seafood Market - Port Canaveral

Founded originally as The Cape Canaveral Shrimp Company by the Thompson family, the Wild Ocean Seafood Market has over six generations of fisherman, shrimpers, and shipwrights behind them. Their goal is to provide the finest, freshest seafood in the ocean to our customers, offering unmatched taste and quality. From state-of-the-art shipping methods to their rigorous quality standards, their seafood is harvested from the oceans and shipped directly to your front door. On the last Friday of the month, the market hosts a dock tour. This is the ideal tour for “foodies,” consumers interested in knowing where their seafood comes from and just plain anyone who likes seafood. This tour lasts between 40-60 minutes. Every tour is different depending on what is coming through their dock; anything from 10lbs Florida lobsters to Roe Mullet. You will learn the basics about the fishing industry, Port Canavaral’s shrimping history, how to tell if a fish is fresh and everything in between.

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