Third Culture Kitchen

Nothing beats an authentic meal prepared by native chefs or the grandparents of the world. Incorporating the influence of hundreds of years of global trade and migration, Third Culture Kitchen represents the ongoing natural fusion of cuisine that occurs as society becomes more unified. Third Culture Kitchen is the meeting place between the culture of their families, their homes, and the global community. There is no strain to find “authenticity”; if it tastes good and feels right, it goes. Curiosity and combination are king. The only measure of success at Third Culture Kitchen is if they turn you on to something new, leave you satisfied, and make some great memories together. Their dream is to see more Bulgogi on the BBQ, a few more mealiepap at the picnic, and a lot more open-minds everywhere. They just want to be the ambassadors to the nation of “Come on in, grab a beer, let me get you a plate.”

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