Melbourne Beach Market


Melbourne Beach Market has been a landmark for many years in the Melbourne Beach community. The Market has changed significantly over the past 15 years, introducing several new lines of specialties and most impressively becoming the “go to” spot for wine and beer from around the world. There are at least 8 full aisles of wines, both domestic and abroad from about anywhere you can imagine in the world. The Beers also range from delicate crafted beers to imported ones from your favorite parts of the world.

The new Chef’s Corner boasts the “best pizza” in Melbourne Beach. Enjoy a gyro or freshly made salad or sandwich of your choice. Fresh dinners are also available like pasta frazzle, chicken franchise, eggplant parmesan, roasted chicken and potatoes and much more. Each item is packaged for you to take home and enjoy. Our most popular item in the Chef’s Corner is our fabulous pizza that compares to “Chicago Style” pizza. Order your pie or slice and we will have it ready to go when you arrive. When you are ready to check out, there is a large selection of goodies for everyone, from licorice to dark chocolate.