Limo Cycle Tours


The Limo Cycle is a pedaling adventure! The 15-passenger, pedal powered, good-time having, outdoor enjoying, team-building tour bus. So grab up to 14 of your friends, or workmates and hop on the SLOWEST way to have a good time. We’ll celebrate birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, Sunday Fun Day’s, search for ghosts, play games and sing and dance to your favorite tunes. Choose a tour in historic downtown Sanford, Port Canaveral, or Daytona Beach. Every ride is unique as we customize where we go and what we do based on your input. You’ll feel good about saving the environment as we use no fossil fuels. This cycle is powered entirely by you.

  • There is no better venue for a bachelor, or bachelorette party? Limo Cycle, the party limo, brings good times to the mix with a bingo game that you’ll talk about long after the divorce. You’ll search out and photograph blackmail material as we sing and dance to high energy music.
  • Do you have a group at work that could use a little “team-building“? We’ll bring laughter and smiles to even the most stressed out crew.
  • Having a birthday party? This party limo is the perfect place to celebrate with friends. Kick your feet up in our “chair-of-honor” while your mates power you along.
  • Now available- A Pirate's Treasure- An Escape Room- It's the first moving escape experience. Rather than just one-hour to escape a locked room, you’ll have two-hours to collect clues, solve puzzles, decipher codes and use your brain. It’s the only escape room, without the room! Everyone must work together, each doing their part to complete the game.

If you are looking for fun things to do in Cocoa Beach / Port Canaveral, look no further. The Limo Cycle is a great opportunity to see what Port Canaveral has to offer while having a great time with a small group of friends or a large party.