Larsen Motorsports

  • 2495 Palm Bay Rd NE Palm Bay, FL 32905
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The all new "Jet Technology Center", will walk fans through what it takes to engineer, design, fabricate paint professional race cars. Now you can see actual future Larsen Motorsports Jet Dragsters built in front of your own eyes. Learn the intricacies of the General Electric J-85 engines used in jet racing with actual full size live cut-away jet engine demonstration models. Learn from the engineers at Larsen Motorsports how chassis structures are designed and how the cars are aerodynamically engineered for stability and airflow at nearly 280 miles per hour. Fans will witness future Larsen Motorsports jet car chassis being welded by welding engineers and the precision fabrication required to build a jet dragster. See actual future Larsen Motorsports drivers compartments and the fixtures they are built in that are custom made to travel to each IHRA Nitro Jam event. Learn how G-forces affect the drivers' bodies as they race down the quarter-mile. Take a look at how each dragster is customized for each driver in order to meet their individual needs. Finally see live paint work being done by Matrix System artists and what it takes to keep the award winning Larsen Motorsports paint schemes attached to a jet dragster at nearly 300 miles per hour.

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