Florida EcoTreks

  • 6901 U-S- 192 Melbourne, FL 32904
  • Phone: (321) 960-2457
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What is EcoTreks by Rod? It's an adventure into the Florida wilderness!  Either by foot, mountain bike, canoe, airboat or kayak, Rod has your adventure of choice! Discover a whole other side of Florida's outback you won't see any where else as Rod takes you into the St- John's River basin. Trekkers must wear closed toe, comfortable fitting shoes like boots or athletic shoes (no flip flops, open toe shoes, etc-). Dress comfortably as well. Rod encourages pants/shorts that are no shorter than right above the knee. During certain times of the year it will be cooler in the morning when we begin but it will warm up so plan on removing layers as the temperature warms up but still remaining decent for the other members on the adventure. Bring own sun screen, bug spray, water, sports drinks, and nutritional snacks.   Florida EcoTreks: Bird Island Reach (Option I) 2.5 hours through 5 miles of land & water Bird Island Reach (Option II) 3.5 hours through 5.5 miles of land & water Bird Island Reach (Option III) 4.5 hours through 6 miles of land & water The Bald Cypress Reach 8 hours through 22 miles of land & water The Indian Field Reach 6 hours through 15 miles of land & water

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