Desert Acres Stables

With 50,000 acres of trails to ride on, a guided ride with Desert Acres Stable is an adventure! The two-hour trail ride can take you to a lake and/or a canal that you can ride through. Depending on the time of your trail ride, you may see deer, gopher tortoises, bobcats, turkeys, wild hogs, hawks, and eagles. During hunting seasons, please wear bright colored clothing. A saddle bag is provided for you to bring along, if needed for your camera/etc. We can take four to six riders at a time. Ages of riders start as young as 8-years-old. Guided trail rides consist of walk and trot. This will depend upon the riders’ abilities as safety is a concern. Please note: Boots, or a shoe with a heel, are required for safety reasons. Long pants are also required. Weight limit is 200 lbs.

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