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Sinfonia Antartica

  • Dates November 20, 2016
  • Time Starting: 03:00 PM
  • Admission $20
  • Location The Scott Center
  • Address 5625 Holy Trinity Drive Melbourne, FL 32940
  • Visit Website

Aaron Collins and your SCSO open the program with Malcolm Arnold’s rollicking piece based on the Robert Burns poem, Tam o’ Shanter,which tells the legend of the hard drinker who ignores his wife’s warnings that he will one day be “catch’d wi’ warlocks” for his misdeeds. Superstar soprano, Mary Anne Kruger joins your SCSO to perform Richard Strauss’ powerful Four Last Songs. Composed in the final year of his life, Strauss’ introspective, meditative farewell to the worldly realm is some of the most moving music ever written, and the culmination of his lifelong love affair with the soprano voice. The concert closes with Vaughan Williams’ magnificent Seventh Symphony, Sinfonia Antartica. It’s one of the great adventure stories of all time.


How, in a bid to be the first to reach the South Pole, a band of English explorers led by Captain Robert Scott perished, leaving Scott’s diaries beside his frozen body. This epic tale of heroic failure was immortalized in a great cinematic triumph, Scott of the Antarctic. Sinfonia Antartica, Vaughan Williams’ seventh symphony, doesn’t tell that story so much as paint musical pictures of glaciers and giant ice mountains. The five movements of the symphony capture the explorers’ awe at the polar landscape as well as the intimacy of Scott’s thoughts. The result is a gigantic and epic reflection on man’s isolation and ultimate vulnerability within the extreme untamed wilderness. Don’t miss this monumental concert.