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Melbourne Zombie 5K

  • Dates November 6, 2016
  • Time Starting: 03:30 PM
  • Admission $10-$40
  • Location Wickham Park
  • Address 2500 Parkway Dr. Melbourne, FL 32935
  • Visit Website

Players will register as either “Zombies” or “Humans” before the race begins. Humans start with two flags tucked into their waistbands and must finish the race with at least one of them still attached in order to stay alive. The flags let us tally up the points for each side by the end of the day. The zombies will try to remove as many flags from the humans’ waistbands as they can.

There will be several waves of human runners during the day. Each wave of humans and zombies will be scored. Zombies will score a point for each flag they capture. Humans will score a point for each flag that remains on their waistband at the finish line. Overall points will be calculated at the award’s ceremony at the end of the day to determine the winners. So who will take the crown? The Zombies or The Humans?