When watching the Olympic games this past summer, one thing is clear: the competition in the world today is fierce!To bring it on an international level one needs mad skills, and that’s true in the art world, as well. That’s why Florida’s Space Coast is so proud of the artists who are at the heart of the Art & Algorithms digital festival taking place this October 11 – 16 in Titusville on Florida’s Space Coast.

This is one art festival you don’t want to miss! Here’s are the top five artists you should follow on Instagram and a few reasons why you should mark your calendar for this one-of-a-kind art festival.

  1. Artist Jen Lewin’s “The Pool” – Her recent move from Colorado to New York City (if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere) tells you this artist is hot. “The Pool” has been seen in over 30 major exhibits worldwide and has clocked millions of user steps.  Get your feet to the Art & Algorithm festival in Titusville and step into “The Pool.” No water. Just wading.   Follow this artist on Instagram: @jenlewinstudio or look her up by searching #jenlewin and #jenlewinstudios
  2. Designer Alan Parkinson and Architects of Air – Another international favorite (seen in 41 countries), Parkinson’s “Arboria” creates monumental and interactive walk-in sculptures—a giant inflatable luminarium.  Do you want to get into art? And we mean literally.  Enter “Arboria.”  Follow this artist on Instagram by searching: #alanparkinson and #architectsofair
  3. Corliss Blakely iPad Artist  – Learn to paint from one of the best during a Corliss Blakely workshop. No brushes to clean; it’s all done on iPads. Workshops available. Reserve your space ahead at artandalgorithms.com.  Follow this artist on Instagram:@corlissblakely or by searching #corlissblakely
  4. Derek Gores on Google Tilt Brush   This system is so new, even the artists are learning about it. See how local artist, Derek Gores, paints in 3D space with virtual reality using the Google Tilt Brush.  Gores’ fine art canvases are exhibited by galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, Cologne, Miami, Santa Fe and more. Follow this artist on Instagram: @derekgores or by searching #derekgores
  5. Clifton Stewart “International Short Films Curator” Stewart brings that famous dry British wit to his selection of award winning films from around the world. A screenwriter and university lecturer, he knows what you “wonderful people out there in the dark” want to see. Follow this artist on Instagram: @clifton_stewart

Art & Algorithms takes place October 11-16 when the temperature will be perfect on Florida’s Space Coast. Take your time roaming around Titusville and enjoy all that there is to see at Art & Algorithms 2016. For more information about this upcoming event, click here.