If you’re an astronaut and space enthusiast, don’t miss Space Rendezvous 2015, formerly the Astronaut Autograph & Memorabilia Show. It takes place at the Kennedy Space Center November 5 through 7, 2015 and has become an annual affair for space enthusiasts of all ages.

This family-friendly event gives visitors a chance to learn about the future of deep space, latest developments and technologies in the industry, and also participate in breakout sessions with astronauts, scholars, and space personalities.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect at this year’s event:

●      ORION/SLS: The Future of Deep Space Kickoff Event: The official SLS launch is three years away, but testing is underway on the RS-25 engines that will give us a chance to explore asteroids and Mars. Leaders from Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and other companies will be speaking about the latest developments of this project on the night of November 5.

●      25th Anniversary Celebration of the Hubble Space Telescope: Friday, November 6 marks the 25th anniversary of the famous telescopes launch and repair mission. Astronaut scholars will be in attendance to talk about the mission and the latest discoveries. Guest speakers and panel members include astronauts Tom Akers, Steve Halwey, Jeff Hoffman, Kathy Thornton, and astronaut scholar Larry Bradley.

●      Apollo-Soyuz to Today: 40 Years of International Collaboration Event: Mingle with astronauts and friends during a cocktail hour, photo op, formal dinner, and live auction in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. Presented by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, this part of the program includes guest speakers and presentations from astronauts Tom Stafford, Jack Lousma, Norm Thagard, and flight director Glynn Lunney. It takes place on Saturday, November 7.

●      Special Guest Appearances: All attendees of the Autograph & Memorabilia Show can meet more than a dozen astronauts and special guests over the weekend, including:

○    Don Black, Gemini White Room Mechanic

○    Duane Graveline, Mercury Medical Flight Controller

○    Hugh Harris, Former Director of NASA Public Affairs Office

○    Glynn Lunney, Gemini and Apollo Flight Director

○    Dee O’Hara, the first nurse to NASA’s Mercury Astronauts

○    Bob Sieck, Former Launch Director and Director of Shuttle Processing

○    Richard Jurek, author and speaker

You can buy tickets to various events at Space Rendezvous 2015 here. Learn more about events at the Kennedy Space Center and other upcoming Florida’s Space Coast activities here.