Put your cellphone in airplane mode and prepare to jump, zip, soar, glide and perhaps rappel with your kids on one of the coolest summer family adventures ever - ziplining. 

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TheFamilyTravelFiles.com just named 12 family-friendly places ideal for a zipline family adventure.

According to Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for theFamilyTravelFiles.com, and a veteran of six family zipline adventures, A zipline family adventure adds new perspectives; shakes up the norm; provides momentary thrills, and will adds whoa! moments to any family vacation. It is like experiencing the thrill of flight and feeling of freedom enjoyed by birds. Plus, navigating a zipline course with your kids is not just fun but results in building confidence.

No two zipline adventures will ever be the same. Location, time of year, weather, time of day and age all make a difference but the best summer family adventures result in bragging rights and great memories. And for parents planning to vacation with always bored teens a zipline excursion may just be the answer. The chance to literally fly through the tree tops above boulders, streams, bogs, lakes, canyons, secret caves, and across meadows, traversing bridges, and jumping off rock faces will get the attention of even the most jaded teen.

While each zipline location or adventure park offers different challenges all offer aerial adventures well-suited for a unique family adventure with bragging rights guaranteed.



The top five family-friendly places for a terrific zipline family adventure include:

1.Forever Florida near Kissimmee with a zipline roller coaster and a peregrine plunge.

2. ACE Adventure Resort in Southern West Virginia with a zip over Rush Run Canyon and night ziplining.

3.Smoky Mountains Ziplines near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with a choice of zip routes and two super-ziplines.

4.San Diego Zoo Flightline Safari near Escondido with a truly wild zip over zoo inhabitants and a jungle ropes safari option.

5.Cypress Valley Adventure Park near Austin Texas with a chance to zip, rappel, and swim in a lake.


The balance of the family-friendly zipline locations may be viewed in the Family Adventures vacation planning folder located at theFamilyTravelFiles.com.

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