Just days after Kissimmee turned down a proposal to build a new baseball facility for the Washington Nationals, Brevard County Commissioners, along with county Manager Howard Tipton are coming to the table to play ball.

Fireworks after Nationals Vs. Astros game

They are proposing that the county, with the help of matching state funds, refinance Space Coast Stadium to help pay for $29 million in upgrades to the facility.

Citing the Space Coast's distance to other spring training facilities as a reason for relocating, the Washington Nationals have told Brevard County that they are planning to leave the area possibly before their current lease agreement runs out in 2017.

Fisher, who was designated as point of contact in negotiations with the Nationals, proposes a new 20-year lease agreement with the team. In return, the county would upgrade the stadium complex. Funding sources, besides the state's matching fund to keep spring training in Florida would be a portion of the county's 5 percent tax on hotel room stays.

The Brevard County Commissioners will discuss the proposal at a future BoCC meeting.