Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Titusville, Florida has been invaded by Angry Birds and they're Space Encounter has become an overnight sensation!

486007_10151344432658091_211290139_nAfter entering the Angry Birds Space Encounter, guests can immerse themselves in any of the seven interactive exhibits, which include:

  • Create Your Own Angry Bird and make a customized Angry Bird on a computer screen; Cold Cuts Tile Puzzle, where different levels of complex puzzles challenge guests; Eggsteriod Slingshot where launching small Angry Birds at pigs can score points; Navigate through a Danger Zone Mirror Maze; and Blast your way through the Red Planet Laser Challenge

For a limited time, Kennedy Space Center is offering special savings up to 30% off admission through June 28, 2013.Not only will you get to interact with the Angry Birds, but this deal also allows you to explore the rest of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex as well. Buy Tickets