A Nighttime Adventure: Bioluminescent Night Kayaking

For as long as I can remember my mom has told me stories about running her hand through the waters off the coast of Florida to see it glow. She grew up in Florida and fondly recalls times when the surf would glow at night from bioluminescences in the water. It always sounded cool, amazing even, but they were mom's stories and it was hard to really imagine. Nevertheless, I always wished I could see it.

A few years ago I learned that there were still bioluminescences in Puerto Rico, and I added yet another reason to visit to my bucket list. But I had no idea the glowing waters were still in my backyard until this summer.

The moment I learned there were still bioluminescences in Florida in Central Florida, I had to see them. Last month I had my chance, and it was every bit as amazing as mom always said. Actually, I think it was even better.

Bioluminescences need two important things to glow warm water and a dark sky. On summer nights inside the Merritt Island Reserve, the perfect combination is reached and the glow is spectacular.

As I paddled my kayak (something I have never done before) through the dark water leaving a trail of glowing wake behind me I wondered why in the world there isn't a crazy wait list to see this amazing phenomenon. Seriously, who wouldn't want to see this?! How has this been happening all these years without me knowing about it?

Then I realized seeing is believing. Even as I try to describe how utterly magical it is to paddle through the water watching fish dart to and fro beneath the pitch black waters leaving a fleeting trail of glowing light behind them, you cant quite imagine just how spectacular it is. I know I couldn't, until I was there trailing my glowing hand in the water that I finally got what my mom had been describing.

I felt like Harry Potter casting a spell as I reached my hand into the water swishing it around to watch it glow, and then I pulled my arm up and the glowing water danced down my hand as it dripped. It was completely unreal.

The night kayak to experience the bioluminescent phenomenon is just one of the many nighttime adventures you can take part in on Florida's Space Coast. But if you are asking my opinion, it is the number one must see. I cant wait to go back and take my family.


Bioluminescent Night Kayaking Tour, photo courtesy of Florida Today